The REAL Reason Why Your Diet and Exercise Plan Isn’t Working (No Matter How Hard You Try)

The REAL Reason Why Your Diet and Exercise Plan Isn’t Working (No Matter How Hard You Try)

I’ve lost track of how many patients have come to me, ready to quit.

They’ve tried countless exercise programs, restrictive diets, calorie counting, and even medication, but nothing seems to work for them.

Sure, sometimes they might lose a few pounds… But they often say that the weight piles back on within a month or two.

Sound familiar? If so, I want you to know that your weight loss struggles are NOT your fault.

You see, your doctor or personal trainer probably told you to eat less food, move more, and maybe count your calories… But that’s not enough.

While these might be what people often call “the right things”, diet and exercise only work for weight loss if your body is functioning perfectly…

Which isn’t always the case in your later years.

The truth is, in many cases of adults struggling to lose weight despite adhering to a diet and exercise program, the problem lies in their liver

But as you age, your liver struggles to keep up with an accumulated toxic load. Years of filtering toxins from your blood take a toll, and your liver can become bogged down, no longer able to properly detoxify your body.

And when your liver gets clogged up, your body will struggle to produce bile (which is essential for breaking down fat in your digestive system).

This chain reaction leads to increasing levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood, which are quickly stored as stubborn abdominal fat.

If your liver can’t keep up, isn’t functioning properly and your body is filling up with unprocessed toxins and undigested food, no diet will help you.

“But Dr. Rosenberg, what about exercise? Can’t I work out and burn the fat off?

I WISH this was the case… Life would be much simpler…

But when you exercise, your body burns glycogen for fuel—your body’s preferred fuel source. Glycogen comes from carbohydrates, NOT fat.

So, when you hit the gym for a workout or go on a sweaty run, you’re burning carbs, not fat.

Technically speaking, your body can convert fat into glycogen to fuel yourself during exercise… But if your liver isn’t producing enough bile to digest the fat you eat, then this process breaks down before it can begin.

In summary, if you’re not supporting your overworked, stressed, full-of-toxic-waste liver, you’ll never be able to lose your belly fat.

All the exercise and dieting in the world can’t detox your liver for you.

You can support a healthy liver by drinking plenty of water, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and reducing your alcohol intake.

You can also take a special formula I’ve created specifically for liver-detoxing that results in fat loss and whole body benefits…

More on that soon - keep your eyes glued to your inbox!

To your health,
Dr. Mark Rosenberg


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