AN URGENT MESSAGE to anyone struggling with foggy thinking, forgetfulness or poor sleep. Here’s how to think, feel and act like a younger, smarter YOU:

MIT Breakthrough - Groundbreaking New Compound Rolls Back Brain Age by Up to 9 Years

A breakthrough by Nobel Prize winning scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has led to an exciting new way to increase your mental clarity and restore your memory to the same level you enjoyed years ago… all while increasing your ability to relax, sleep more deeply, and feel up to 9 years younger…in just a few short weeks.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg here.

If you’re anything like the patients I see every day, chances are you find yourself questioning yourself more than you used to…

“Hang on, where did I leave the keys again?”

“What the heck was that fella’s name?”

“I can’t remember…did I pay that bill?”

These moments can be scary.

Because if nothing is done to address the root cause of these “senior moments...”

Lost keys can morph into missed appointments…

Momentary brain freezes can turn into wandering parking lots for hours, unable to find your car

Or worse, your loved ones can end up having to keep an eye on everything you do.

Not because they don’t trust you.

But because they love you.

And a mistake as simple as forgetting to turn off the stove has the potential to end in a life changing catastrophe.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be your destiny because…

A breakthrough that means it’s now possible to slow brain decline in its tracks.

Or even reverse it altogether.

All without ever having to step foot in a doctor’s office.

Nobel prize winning scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have achieved a once in a generation breakthrough

Hi. My name is Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

And ever since graduating from Georgetown University School of Medicine over 30 years ago, I’ve dedicated my professional life to being on the leading edge of anti-aging science.1

I served as the director at the prestigious Walter Reed Medical Hospital…

Sat on the Board of Directors at the prestigious American Academy of Anti-aging medicine…

And was the Chief Medical Advisor to Life Length Telomere Analysis Technology…

So when I tell you that this is the single most exciting development in anti-aging brain science I’ve seen in my entire career…I mean it.

And it’s the reason why I’m so excited to finally be sharing this with you right now.

Because when I discovered how…

MIT scientists have found a way to REVERSE
brain aging by as much as 9 years…

I knew it would set the stage for the biggest breakthrough in longevity science in a generation.2

Here’s why:

Have you ever met someone your age, or even older, who still seems as mentally sharp as they did a decade ago?

You know the sort of people I’m talking about, right?

Those industrious types who always seem to be reading a new book… starting a new hobby… and still able to debate ideas and remember key facts without missing a beat.

Well, it turns out there’s a biological reason for this. And it’s because our brains don’t all decline at the same rate.

This was the stunning discovery by a team of Harvard scientists. They were analyzing the brains of ‘Super Agers’ to understand how they sustained such crisp memories and brain function long into old age.

‘Super Agers’ are folks who, despite being in their sixties, seventies, or even eighties, have the mental agility of someone a decade or more younger.

Well, after scanning their brains, the Harvard scientists discovered the shocking reason why...

Our brain age isn’t defined by years but instead by the health of the neural network in our minds.

Because you see, our brains are not just lumps of organic matter. They contain a vast network of neural roads and junctions.3

Think of your brain as being like a network of roads.

Along these roads, our memories, thoughts and emotions zip around like traffic.

Memories, for example, zip along these roads from your hippocampus (where they’re stored) to your conscious awareness.4

But here’s the problem...

Because also like roads, your brain’s neural network wears away.5

With the passing of time, your brain’s neural roads and junctions can become worn down and potholed. Until one day, the road is so worn out it becomes impassable for our thoughts, emotions, and memories.

When a neural road becomes impassable, your brain has to reroute its messages another way.

But just like how a 20 minute drive can take over an hour due to road closures...

As more and more roads in your brain become impassable, it takes longer and longer for your brain to find a new route.

You then get embarrassing brain freezes…

You mix up people’s names…

Get more easily frustrated, confused, or even angry...

And find yourself feeling more mentally drained and brain foggy with each passing year.

And it gets worse, because...

As your brain’s neural network wears away, access to
old memories can be lost altogether.

Until your memories become like photo albums locked away in a chest. So it becomes harder to remember the faces of old friends… to remember the feeling of joy when your child was born… or even to remember what you ate for lunch two days ago.

Then as your brain’s neural network continues to break down, your ability to learn new things... to have the mental power to solve life’s daily challenges... and to sustain your independence can also suffer.

I know only too well from my decades of research into brain aging that losing our independence is one of the darkest fears we all have.

And I know scrambling around in a fog of confusion is not the future you want for yourself… for your partner… or other loved ones.

The good news is that the Harvard scientists found that the wearing away of our brain’s neural network is NOT something we have to accept as the price of aging.

Because after scanning the brains of ‘super agers’, Harvard’s scientists made the...

Incredible discovery that it’s possible to be in your 60s or 70s and have a brain of someone decades younger.

As lead researcher, Dr. Bradford Dickerson, noted the super agers'"brain size was close to equal to that of the younger subjects." 6

Dr. Dickerson also hailed how this proved that brain decline “is not inevitable and there may be ways to maintain brain power for much longer in life." 7

Well, I’m delighted to say that Dr. Dickerson’s hope has been answered. Because a way of maintaining “brain power for much longer in life” has been found.

A solution that can give you the mental clarity, memory recall, and calm persona of a Super Ager…

Even if you’re not blessed with the right genetics…

And without having to do hours of brain training exercises (which may not even help).

Because for the first time ever, it’s now possible for ANYONE to gain a younger feeling and acting brain in a matter of weeks, or even days, thanks to the...

Creation of the Groundbreaking ‘Brain Building Block’ in MIT Labs

When the Nobel prize winning scientists at MIT make a discovery, the world takes notice. And in 2012, MIT scientists made arguably their biggest game changing discovery yet.

The scientists had set out to create a new compound that could repair the brain’s neural network in a more powerful way than anything that had ever existed before.

And they knew exactly which mineral to start creating this new compound with: Magnesium.

Over the course of their study, the MIT scientists would then find a way of making this everyday mineral more potent for brain health than any type of magnesium in existence.

Before I share this groundbreaking new type of magnesium with you…

Allow me to quickly explain why they chose magnesium to begin with.

Because you see, magnesium is the 4th most common building block in our body.8

Magnesium supports over 300 processes. It’s an essential mineral for maintaining the health of our heart, eyes, immune system, muscles and every organ inside our bodies. 9

Magnesium is the key building block in your brain too. Your brain has a ravenous hunger for it.10

But a hunger that rarely gets satisfied.

Because as you may know, as many as 4 in 5 people struggle with low magnesium levels in their bodies.11

Without enough magnesium, we’re at risk of a horror show of health issues, including…

  • Exhaustion…
  • Heart problems…
  • High blood pressure…
  • Migraines…
  • Inflammation…
  • Premature aging…

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Because studies also show low levels of magnesium can lead to poor memory function… sleep problems… nervousness… irritability… and low moods...

What’s worse, it’s almost impossible to feed the brain with enough of the magnesium it needs to work optimally. Because…

Most forms of magnesium can’t get through the blood brain barrier.

The blood brain barrier is a protective layer that surrounds the brain. Think of it as being like a security gate at the airport.

It blocks toxins, germs, and other mischievous microbes from gaining entry. While nutrients and beneficial compounds are happily waved through.

Sadly, MOST forms of magnesium fall on the ‘do not allow entry’ list.

So you could swallow a whole bottle of magnesium supplements, but still get barely any of it into your brain.14

But what about increasing the amount of magnesium you get from food?

Sadly, like most minerals and essential nutrients, our modern food supply has been stripped of its magnesium content.

The British Cardiovascular Society summed it up best:

“...decreases in food crop magnesium content, and the availability of refined and processed foods, the vast majority of people in modern societies are at risk for magnesium deficiency.” 15

The problem of magnesium deficiency is further complicated by the fact that...

There Is No Blood Test To Detect Low
Magnesium Levels In The Body.

So doctors can’t tell if your magnesium stores are low, and few know what to do about it.

This is why it’s vital for all of us to make it our own responsibility to keep our magnesium levels topped up.

Maybe you’re supplementing with magnesium already? Or know someone who does?

In which case, you likely know that there’s lots of different types of magnesium to choose from.

Magnesium glycinate, for example, helps with bone density. While magnesium citrate is better suited for relieving constipation.16

But no matter which type you choose…

NONE of the average off-the-shelf types of magnesium can get through the blood brain barrier... and provide the vital ‘brain building blocks’ for repairing your neural network.

Well, the scientific wizards at MIT found an ingenious way to fix that.17

Here’s how they did it…

The MIT scientists knew that...

The only way to get magnesium into the brain would be to combine it with another compound.

A compound that would get waved through the blood brain barrier without any problem and hopefully take the magnesium through along with it.

But which compound should they use?

The MIT scientists investigated all sorts of combinations to try and find the answer. But finding a combination that would consistently get through the blood brain barrier was a tough challenge.

However, the scientists at MIT aren’t Nobel prize winners for no reason.

And eventually they found a compound to combine with magnesium that would work.

The compound they identified was threonic acid, which comes from vitamin C. That’s right, the same vitamin C that comes from oranges.

The reason they chose threonic acid is because it’s been shown to improve how our cells absorb vitamin C. So it stood to reason, that it may help our brains absorb magnesium too.

Well, after combining threonic acid with magnesium the MIT scientists’ faces lit up with delight when they discovered they’d succeeded in creating a COMPLETELY new magnesium compound (which they promptly patented as their own): Magnesium threonate.

But would this new type of magnesium get through the blood brain barrier?

Eagerly, the MIT scientists did some tests...

And you know what they discovered?

That their new patented form of magnesium could indeed...

Pass smoothly through the blood brain barrier and be absorbed into the brain in higher amounts than was ever thought possible.20

But what effect would this have on people’s brains? The MIT scientists ran a 12 week study to find out.

A group of 44 people aged 50–70 were given MIT’s new form of magnesium or a placebo daily for three months.

At the start, they were evaluated on the four key markers of brain power:

1. Executive function (problem solving)

2. Working memory (short-term memory)

3. Attention

4. Episodic memory (long-term memory)

And over the next three months, the MIT Scientists made a number of jaw dropping discoveries.

The first was…

It normally takes at least 3 weeks for people to experience any noticeable differences in their brain power after dietary changes…

But here’s the thing…

The subjects in the study reported changes in their sleep, moods, and mental clarity in as little as one week. Many within days.

Participants remarked how they’d started awaking feeling as though they’d been in a long, deep sleep. And felt more energetic, alert, and tranquil as a result.21

And this was just the start.

As the weeks passed, feedback flooded the MIT lab. The participants were flowing with joy at how much chirpier and happier they felt. How they were better able to remember things… able to focus on their book and follow conversations for longer... and felt generally more ‘with it’ than they had been in years.

Yet these findings were still just subjective experiences. They could easily have been waved off as the placebo effect in action.

It wasn’t until the end of the 12 weeks that the MIT scientists could rerun their tests to verify what their subjects’ experienced with cold, hard data.

And you know what they found?

That the subjects’ executive function... working memory... attention... and episodic memory…

Had ALL improved across the board!

Yet that still wasn’t the most stunning finding in the MIT study. Because the MIT scientists went one step further...

They compared their subjects’ brain scores with those of other people their age.

And to their delight, they discovered the subjects had...

Achieved an overall 10% improvement in brain power! The same as reversing their ‘brain age’ by 9 whole years! 22

This explains why the subjects had experienced such remarkable changes in their memory recall, sleeping patterns, and joyful moods.

While also feeling the most clear minded, alert, and generally “with it” in years.

So already, MIT’s creation of the ‘brain building brick’ has the potential to be a gamechanger for your brain power in daily life.

But what if I told you that…

An even MORE powerful version of the MIT ‘brain building block’ is NOW available...

A brain building block absorbed in HIGHER amounts by your brain… and is even MORE potent at providing crystal clear thinking as a result.

Because you see, the MIT scientists’ created their new form of magnesium in 2012.

That’s nearly a decade ago.

In the wake of this discovery, supplements have emerged containing small amounts of this special form of magnesium.

But they ALL had a fatal flaw...

Weak absorption in the gut.

As you may know, many of us struggle with low levels of stomach acid as we get older.

There are many causes, including age, stress, smoking, alcohol and a lack of nutrition in our diets. So in other words, due to modern lifestyles, if you are over 40 years old it’s likely your stomach acid is at less than optimal levels.

And without enough stomach acid, your gut can’t properly breakdown and digest the supplements you take.

If you experience mad dashes for the bathroom after taking magnesium supplements, low stomach acid is the likely cause.

My team and I recognized that this meant almost NONE of the magnesium in supplements even reaches the blood brain barrier... let alone gets waved through and absorbed into the brain.

It’s a critical problem we knew we had to fix.

Luckily, we didn’t have to commit years of lab research to find the answer. As the solution for improving gut absorption already existed: Chelation.

What’s chelation?

Chelation is a process for bonding minerals with an extra ingredient so it’s easier to digest. Typically, this extra ingredient is an amino acid.

We were determined to create the absolute BEST brain power supporting supplement money can buy.

So we partnered with the world’s leader in chelation technology: Albion, based in Utah USA.

Albion has been innovating in the use of chelation to optimize the gut’s absorption of minerals for nearly 70 years.25 They’re the best in the business.

After discussing our requirements, our team at Sun Coast Sciences and Albion’s lab technicians got to work.

Together, we burnt the midnight oil to find a way of maximizing the gut and brain’s absorption of MIT’s patented form of magnesium.

Solving this challenge wasn’t easy.

But after much refinement and testing, the day finally arrived when we checked the readings and cheered for joy.

We’d done it!

We’d created the most bioavailable brain power supporting magnesium supplement on the planet.


Sun Coast Sciences™

The World’s Most Bioavailable Magnesium Supplement Clinically Proven to Reverse Brain Aging By Up to 9 Years!

Sun Coast Sciences AccuThink is a premium grade brain supplement I have been using in my private practice to help patients gain clear, accurate thinking... restored memories... and the peace of mind knowing they’ve taken steps to protect their brain today and long into the future.

And today, I’m proud to announce that I am taking the formula beyond the walls of my clinic – and into the hands of my Sun Coast Sciences family – because this is a breakthrough that needs to become mainstream.

AccuThink is the world’s only supplement to combine MIT’s patented form of magnesium with Albion’s world leading chelation technology. Making it more absorbable and potent for brain health than any other brain health supplement.

Simply take one easy to swallow capsule with a cool glass of water…

And AccuThink gets to work rebuilding your neural roads… solidifying the junctions… and creating the strong, smooth network on which your thoughts, memories and emotions can zip around like supercars on an open freeway.

Within a matter of weeks, or even days, you can look forward to:

  • Rebuilding old brain neural roads, and even creating new ones…
  • Supporting your learning speed and short term memory26...
  • Maintaining fast, accurate thinking and response times…
  • Lifting mood and calming frustration and nervous thoughts...27
  • Helping to protect against brain decline...

What’s more, AccuThink’s superior absorption means you can also relieve the effects of magnesium deficiency in all sorts of other wonderful ways...

  • Feel physically energized and motivated each day...
  • Supported heart health and managed blood pressure...28
  • Maintain a healthy inflammatory response...29
  • Relief from occasional migraines...30

What’s more, AccuThink is a rarity in the world of brain supplements. Because these benefits are scientifically PROVEN.

If you’ve inspected the shelves in your local health store, you’ll know there’s no shortage of brain supplements to choose from and many contain a long list of exotic sounding ingredients, like ginkgo and bacopa.

But here’s the thing, there’s almost ZERO science that proves they work.

We took a different approach. A simple yet powerful formula of just 2 best-of-the-best ingredients, whose mechanism of action is clearly validated by countless clinical studies.

MagTein - MIT’s patented form of magnesium threonate. The only form of the magnesium ‘brain building block’ PROVEN to cross the blood-brain barrier, and to help rapidly rebuild and repair the roads and junctions of the brain’s neural network.

Albion®’s TRAACS® Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate - Albion’s world leading chelation technology for enhanced absorption. Thanks to this addition, AccuThink is the most bioavailable magnesium supplement available. So you can ensure MORE of the magnesium you’re taking reaches your brain and it won’t send you bolting for the bathroom, like average off-the-shelf MagTein supplements.

Rigorously tested: Our manufacturing process puts our product through a series of strenuous tests to ensure the bioavailability needed to support the brain to perform optimally.

FDA Certified: Our formula is created inside an FDA Certified Inspected lab. Made in the USA in a CGMP-certified facility just outside of Provo, Utah. Right here in the USA.

Enjoy Deep, Restorative Sleep with NONE of the Grogginess of Sleeping Pills

One of the first noticeable benefits you can look forward to from AccuThink is enhanced sleep quality.

Magnesium is a vital building block for key brain chemicals and hormones needed for optimal sleep. This includes the ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin, and the brain chemical GABA for calming your thoughts at bedtime.31

What’s more, because the ingredients in AccuThink are more natural, rather than artificial, the sleep it provides is more natural and rejuvenating too.

So there’s NONE of the grogginess of over the counter sleeping aids.32

And instead, just deep restorative sleep that helps:

  • Flushes out toxins from your brain...
  • Stores all your memories from the day...
  • Enables you to awake feeling refreshed, tranquil and ready to seize the day with joy.33

Lifts Your Mood, Soothes Frustration, and Helps You
Feel Level Headed and Calm

It’s common to feel more moody, easily frustrated, and cranky as we get older. But ‘aging’ may not be to blame.

Instead, the latest science suggests low magnesium in the brain is a chief cause of ‘old grouch syndrome’.

Whereas studies show that after supplementing with the RIGHT form of magnesium mood can be lifted… crankiness calmed... and people become more like their old joyful selves (they become easier to live with too).

So if you’ve noticed yourself or your partner becoming more short tempered… or more easily irritated by life’s annoyances...

AccuThink can help replenish your magnesium stores in record time. And turn more outbreaks of confusion and frustration into moments of understanding and laughter instead.

The benefits of AccuThink are many - from a surge in brain power to deep sleep to a bright mood.

When your brain is getting the magnesium it needs, not only does it

… help you think, learn and remember things clearly…

… help you sleep through the night and awake refreshed…

… help lift your mood and calm frustration…

It also gives you the brain power for supporting your ability to
live life to the fullest!

Imagine you’re at a dinner party. You’re seeing old friends for the first time in months.

A lively debate breaks out but rather than stay silent, hoping nodding your head meekly will suffice...

You have the mental clarity and confidence to ENGAGE!

Just imagine the stunned look on your friends’ faces when you’re suddenly plucking key facts from your memory banks like ripe berries from a bush…

And free of the brain freezes or mix ups that may trip you up now.

Instead, your points are clear, measured and precise and maybe you even crack a joke as an encore!

Or picture being able to relive old memories that may be just out of your grasp right now…

Like reliving the feeling of pride when you drove home in your first car… the swelling in your heart when you first fell in love… or the joy of your wedding day.

Then imagine how much less stressful life will become when you have the brain power to steam through the day’s tasks like a well oiled locomotive.

No more pauses to rub your eyes, struggling to calculate the bills, or making sense of paperwork…

No more cringes of shame when you realize you left the stove on, or forgot to lock the backdoor...

But instead more flowing confidence and pride in your newfound brain power.

Brain power that turns you into a model of reliability. Someone people can depend on. And someone younger relatives look up to as being filled with spit and vinegar, and who refuses to slow down with age.

Just think, how your life could be improved if you finally had the brain power to start new hobbies like learning Spanish, taking up the acoustic guitar, or writing that novel you may have been carrying in your head all these years.

Then how about what having a calm, tranquil, and joyful mood could mean for your relationship with your partner?

Instead of feeling your emotions clouded by frustration and gloom…

Feeling more cranky or short tempered than you used to be…

You can become the calmer, happier, and more easy going version of yourself.

Quicker to laugh at life’s silliness, and a joy to be around.

With your brain power, sleep, and emotions all better supported...

You’ll then discover how life becomes a more exciting adventure

The world will truly become your oyster when your brain is clear, alert and firing on all cylinders like never before.

Best of all, will be the reassurance of knowing you’ve taken steps to protect your brain today and long into the future.

And this is important…

Because like I said, loss of brain power is one of the biggest fears most of us have.

The fear of no longer being ‘present’ at birthdays, holidays and weddings...

The fear of becoming a burden on others…

And the dread of finally being locked away in a nursing home... surrounded by faces we don’t recognize... and staring out of a bedroom window that’s no longer our own.

Well, with AccuThink feeding your brain with the MIT building block... in a more bioavailable and absorbable form than any other supplement money can buy...

You can give yourself a better fighting chance of maintaining a clear, precise brain... and sustaining your independence long into the future.

What Would Rolling Back Your Brain Age as Much as 9 Years Be Worth to You?

After reading about all the wonderful things that can happen with a powerful, clear and fast acting brain...

What would you be willing to invest to gain such powerful sustained brain power?

I mean, let’s say you’re in a doctor’s office.

They tell you there’s a revolutionary new procedure that can reverse your brain age by 9 years. Even better, there’s no scalpel involved… zero risk… and no known side effects beyond deeper sleep and a happy, chirpy mood.

How much would you be willing to invest to gain such a procedure?




Well, there’s no need to pay such vast sums to gain a brain that thinks, feels, and acts like it’s nearly a full decade younger.

Or anything close.

Because my team and I at Sun Coast Sciences realized that to get AccuThink to as many folks as we could…

We had to make it as affordable as possible.

But we knew this wouldn’t be easy, because AccuThink is an enormously expensive supplement to make.

Putting MIT’s patented form of magnesium through Albion’s state-of-the-art chelation process is complex and costly.

After checking our production costs, we thought we’d have to charge at least $97 for a single one month supply just to break even.

But we knew that would put it out of reach of too many people. Particularly those that need AccuThink most.

So for a limited time, and while stocks last, we’re offering an introductory offer to get your first bottle of AccuThink for as low as $49.95.

A 30 day supply is a great way of trying AccuThink out.

And a bargain when you consider how much more magnesium is absorbed into your brain compared to other MagTein supplements.

But the biggest benefits come from taking AccuThink daily for at least 90 days.

This gives AccuThink more time to repair your neural roads and to get your memories, thoughts and emotions zipping around like greased lightning.

We also know that...

The Only Way for You to Realize How Powerfully AccuThink’s Benefits Build Over Time is to Experience it for Yourself

So we offer a six month package at an even bigger discount.

Buying a bigger package size also ensures you can stay stocked up for longer and avoid the risk of coming back to our website and finding we’ve run out.

This can happen at any time. Because after people try AccuThink... and experience how smoothly their brain power, sleep, and moods are supported... they want their partners and other loved ones to experience AccuThink too.

For this reason, lots of folks are buying the larger packages, and while this fills us with pride, it also means our stock levels are under pressure.

After reading to this point, I’d hate for you to come back to this page later today and discover we’ve run out.

So while stock is available, I recommend ordering one of the larger packages right now so you can…

Get the biggest discount…

Experience for yourself how the benefits of AccuThink BUILD over time…

Stay stocked up for longer and save a chunk of money.

But if you’re still on the fence, rest assured that every package comes with...

The Sun Coast Sciences TRIPLE
365-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Sun Coast Sciences our guarantee is simple. You MUST be satisfied in THREE different ways with AccuThink or you won’t pay a penny.

1. If you’re not thrilled with the way AccuThink makes you FEEL smart, alert and ‘with it’ within the first week…. you’re entitled to a full refund…

2. If you don’t experience deep, rejuvenating sleep that gets you leaping out of bed raring to go… you’re entitled to a full refund… and…

3. If you’re not BLOWN AWAY by how calm, happy and positive minded AccuThink helps you feel... we demand that every single cent is refunded to your card.

Bottom line, AccuThink either provides all the wonderful brain powering, sleep rejuvenating and joy lifting benefits claimed on this page…

Or if you just change your mind and want your money back…

Every cent can be refunded within 365 days of purchase.

No questions asked or hoops to jump through.

The reason we’re happy to offer such a generous guarantee is because we’re adamant AccuThink will work for you.

We’ve studied the science...

We’ve fixed the critical issue that stops other MagTein supplements working as well as they should...

And we firmly believe Sun Coast Sciences AccuThink is far and away the BEST... most potent... and most effective brain power supplement money can buy.


Normally: $419.70


Save 53%


Normally: $209.85


Save 44%


Normally: $69.95


Save 29%

Ready for Life to CHANGE With a Brain that Thinks, Feels and Acts 9 Years Younger?

Today can mark a new chapter in your life. A chapter when you started to regain the sharpness, memory recall, and learning abilities you enjoyed nearly a decade ago.

Or a new chapter when you helped your partner, or other loved one, to gain a younger feeling and acting brain… while also supporting their sleep… and helping them to gain a chirpier, more joyful mood.

Helping more people to better support and protect their brains is the entire reason why I first set out to make AccuThink possible.

Because I’ve seen too many patients fall victim to the brain declining effects of a lack of magnesium in their bodies.

I’ve seen the confusion, the frustration, the anger, the tears and heartbreak that brain decline can cause.

It pains me greatly when patients come to my office and I see the spark has dimmed in their eyes… or hear the sadness in their hearts when I ask them how their loved ones are doing...

Especially when I know we no longer have to accept brain decline as the cost of aging.

I want you to join the many patients AccuThink has already helped. To also experience how it can help to better support your brain health today, and to feel better protected long into the future.

So I urge you to take up our offer to try AccuThink risk free for 365 days.

The last thing I want is for you to have discovered that magnesium deficiency is the chief cause of brain decline, and then close this page without doing anything about it.

Because if you don’t take steps to address your magnesium levels today, then the impact of brain decline gets worse the longer you leave it.

Remember, brain decline doesn’t show up like a rash or even pain. It shows up in the form of brain freezes, confusion, frustration and outbreaks of anger.

Until now, the signs of brain decline have been brushed off as a personality trait. Or ‘old grouch’ syndrome. But the latest science says different

Based on everything I’ve read and presented to you today, magnesium deficiency is the chief cause we all have to address.

And unless it’s corrected, the problems a magnesium deficiency can cause only get worse over time.

So if you’re already feeling something isn’t quite right...

If you’re already struggling to sleep through the night and wake up refreshed…

If you, or your partner, regularly get brain freezes, poor sleep, or suffer from a short temper...

I urge you to give Sun Coast Sciences AccuThink a try.

Remember, AccuThink is the most bioavailable form of magnesium money can buy.

It enables you to absorb MORE of this vital brain building block for supporting memory recall... deep restful sleep... and calm, tranquil moods... than any other supplement.

It’s a godsend for those struggling with life’s daily mental challenges.

It’s well-tolerated by the intestinal system, causing no discomfort, diarrhea or bloating.

And it’s Risk-Free for up to one year. All you have to do is try it for a few weeks, or even days, and experience...

Your Brain Feeling 9 Years Younger

Now, I’m not saying AccuThink is a cure all for all things brain related. Obviously, no one can make a promise like that.

But I can promise you’ll be impressed by what happens when you have AccuThink to repair and revitalize the neural roads in your mind.

And if it doesn’t do everything I say, call our offices and ask for a full refund.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

I believe you owe it to yourself, to your brain and the people you love to at least give AccuThink a try.

That way you can experience it for yourself.

And then you’ll know for sure that ‘aging’ alone isn’t to blame for poor memory, poor sleep, and grouchiness...

And that the solution to crystal clear thinking, precision memory, deep sleep and a naturally joyful mood is now within your grasp.

But do it now.

Because I wouldn’t want you to put it off, or forget.

And miss out on the one thing that could make all the difference to your brain health… sleep quality... mood stability... and quality of daily life.

The science shows this is the ONE THING that’s proven to work.


Normally: $419.70


Save 53%


Normally: $209.85


Save 44%


Normally: $69.95


Save 29%

To your brain health and happiness,

Dr. Rosenberg


P.S. Scientific research from Harvard and MIT confirms that poor memory, bad sleep patterns and ‘old grouch syndrome’ aren’t necessarily the effects of aging. Instead, they’re linked to the wearing away of the brain’s neural network. Yet the good news is that it’s now possible to repair and rebuild this network with MIT’s magnesium ‘brain building block’. And AccuThink is the most bioavailable form of this brain building block ever developed.

P.P.S. You won’t find Sun Coast Sciences AccuThink in stores, on Amazon, or anywhere else on the internet. Selling to you directly through this website is the only way we can keep it affordable to as many folks as possible. And because we cut out the middleman, we can also pass on big savings with our multi-month packages.

That’s why we’re able to offer the world’s most bioavailable and absorbable magnesium supplement at an affordable price.

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