Vitamin D3 Is Mandatory In 2021…
Here’s How To Get A Free Bottle

You’ve read the headlines.

You’ve seen the studies.

With COVID circulating, Vitamin D3 is not optional.

D3 cannot cure or prevent COVID

No - D3 cannot cure or prevent COVID. It’d be irresponsible for me to say that.

But I’d also be derelict if I wasn’t doing everything in my power to get you on a daily D3 regiment.

As one recent study reads1,2

“The results suggest that an increase in (vitamin D3) level in the body could either improve clinical outcomes or mitigate worst (severe to critical) outcomes, while a decrease in (vitamin D3) level in the body could worsen clinical outcomes of COVID-2019 patients.”

That’s why…

Today, I’ve Set Aside 1000 Bottles Of
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Our formula - D3 Shield - stands alone in quality and safety.

(more on the safety part shortly)

Odds are that you’re severely deficient in this essential vitamin:

In fact, as people age, the risk for vitamin D deficiency increases.

The percent of older adults suffering from vitamin D deficiency ranges anywhere from 20% to 100% in the US.1


The major risk factors contributing to vitamin D deficiency in seniors include low nutritional intake of vitamin D... gaining weight... the outer skin unable to synthesize Vitamin D... and spending less time outdoors.2,3

I Call It The “Sunshine Deficit”

As a result of a sunshine deficit, Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to various health problems.

These include cognitive decline... depression... osteoporosis... cardiovascular disease... hypertension... diabetes... and cancer.4,5

Unfortunately, it gets worse...

That’s why in this article, I’m about to expose a dangerous truth about taking Vitamin D as most doctors recommend

And then I’ll share with you the one simple step... that not only protects you against dreaded Vitamin D side effects... but also multiplies the benefits FAR BEYOND anything Vitamin D on its own can provide.[6]

Which is simply incredible, because...

Countless studies reveal the right D3 levels support everything from an upbeat, elevated mood, to improved energy production, to deep, restful sleep.3

What’s more, most Americans – a whopping 57.1% - are horribly deficient in this important super-vitamin.4

And if you live somewhere that doesn’t get 365 days of sun, there’s a good chance your D3 levels are very low.5

Vitamin D3 - The Hidden Danger

Here’s the problem:

One of Vitamin D’s primary roles is to help you process and absorb calcium6

… calcium that should be getting to your bones, to keep them strong.

Unfortunately, D3 doesn’t control where that calcium goes.

In fact, “misdirected calcium” can create huge health problems, including calcified arteries, kidney stones… the list goes on.7</sup

I’ve read far too many stories about people who had heart attacks because their arteries were corroded with calcium

… people who could have been saved - IF they’d know what I’m about to share next.

(And if you’re also supplementing with calcium, then your risk is even higher.)

Most Doctors Simply Do Not Know This...

They read a study, they recommend the vitamin (if they recommend vitamins at all), and then they get on with watching the news or playing some golf.

But I’m not afraid to admit it – I may be a little “weird”.

I’m deeply fascinated with how our bodies work, so whenever I read a promising study, I’ll often spend the next week or so diving into all of the surrounding research.

I need to understand the “biochemical pathways” that this nutrient works on…

And I also need to know how it affects other processes in the body.

It was this exact process that led me to discover Vitamin D’s dangerous side effects.

But thankfully…

There’s A Simple Fix for This Vitamin D Paradox:

A certain miracle nutrient which completely neutralizes the “misdirected calcium” problem.8

Not only that but it also…

  • Helps you maintain razor sharp brain function 9
  • Helps balance the inflammatory response 10
  • Protects the brain from hailstorms of “free radicals” 11
  • Helps you produce more energy 12
  • Provides natural management of aches and discomforts 13

…and amazingly, it’s something that almost no one talks about.

Miracle Nutrient Vitamin K2:
Your “Calcium Coach”

Specifically, Vitamin K2-7.

(The “7” form is very important, as you’ll see in a bit).

You can think of Vitamin K2 as the “Calcium Coach.”

Vitamin D3 helps you absorb extra calcium… and hands it off to Vitamin K2, which directs it into our bones, instead of our arteries.

So you avoid cardiovascular damage…

And you’re left with stronger, healthier, fortified bones.

In fact, a randomized clinical trial showed that Vitamin K2-7 improved bone strength, bone mass, and prevented participants from experiencing age-related bone loss.14

But it gets even better. Because…

Vitamin K2 On Its Own Is One Of The Most Powerful
Heart-Health Supplements You Can Take!

Thorough, well-designed studies have shown major improvements in heart health from taking just small amounts of Vitamin K2 every day.15

These are the kinds of results greedy Big Pharma would love to try to bottle and markup for 10,000%...

But you can get them all combined with this one super nutrient!

And the benefits of Vitamin K2 go far beyond heart health.

K2 can protect the very “cellular power plants” that produce cellular energy.16

It’s Like a Heavily-Armed Watch Tower

For Your Body’s Precious Energy Factories

You see, all of your body’s energy production comes from little cellular energy factories called “Mitochondria.”

If you’re reading this, then you’re already a Sun Coast Sciences reader…

So you know our bodies are under nonstop assault by toxins and synthetic chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

What you may not know is that besides creating all sorts of inflammatory stress, these chemicals are like fuel for “free radicals”.

You can think of free radicals like angry members of a militia.

They storm around your body, and attack your cells – and your mitochondria – like an enraged mob.

That leaves you feeling unenergized, getting overweight, and sick.

Yet new research has shown Vitamin K2 to be a powerful antioxidant - especially in the brain and heart.17

K2 is like a group of armed guards in a watchtower, protecting our mitochondria from these free radical vandals.

This protection of mitochondria is one of the many reasons Vitamin K2 is so exciting...

So You Can See Why I’m A Big Fan Of K2

There’s also the research that shows Vitamin K2 helps you maintain a healthy brain, and a balanced inflammation response...18

And this is all on top of the crucially important role Vitamin K2 plays in promoting bone and cardiovascular health.

Study after study makes one thing clear:

When you combine Vitamin D3 with K2, you are looking at a life-changing “super team” of vitamins.

Once I discovered the powerful research behind this combination... I immediately began searching for the perfect product to recommend to my patients.

To my initial shock, it didn’t exist!

I discovered - and this is extremely important - you don’t just want any-old Vitamin K2.

You see, the “off the shelf” K2 that you’ll find at places like Amazon or GNC, is actually known to researchers as the compound K2-4.

This form of low-quality K2-4 is quickly eliminated from your body… so people who take it miss out on many of the benefits K2 has to offer.

But about five days into my research, I discovered a special variant, K2-7.

And the benefits of K2-7 vs. K2-4 are astonishing.

Vitamin K2-7 reaches a much higher peak concentration… and it stays in your body for nearly 5 times as long as K2-4.

The implications of this are huge.19

In fact, a recent study showed you’d need 1,000 times the dose of vitamin K2-4 just to get just SOME of the benefits of Vitamin K2-7:2021

Unfortunately, nothing I could find had combined D3 and K2 in the clinically proven ratios, at the correct doses, using the highest quality source of research backed K2-7 also known as “MenaQ”.

Because of this, I created my very own formulation...


The Ultimate Pairing

Of Vitamins D3 + K2

D3 Shield is a clinical-grade, D3 + K2 supplement.

It’s made with the most effective ingredient profile in existence to boost your mood, support healthy bones and whole body wellness.

It works, it works quickly, and it’s one of the most powerful tools you can possibly have on your side when it comes to immunity and whole-body health.

The Top Reasons To Take D3 Shield

(According To The Clinical Studies)

Support Your Immune System

Vitamin D is critical for a healthy, balanced immune system.

It regulates the many immune cells that work as your body's defense system, protecting you from illnesses both little, and large.

Other studies also point to Vitamin D deficiency as a potential risk factor for out of control inflammation.

And, well… you’ve seen the COVID studies.

In my medical opinion, D3 Shield is the daily habit that you can’t miss right now.

Supports Strong, Healthy Bones

When your body doesn't have enough calcium in your blood, it sucks the calcium it needs out of your bones. And soft, spongy, brittle bones are easily fractured - or worse.

But between the Vitamin D3 that gets extra calcium back into your blood... and the Vitamin K2 that gets the extra calcium in your bones... D3 Shield will have you feel like you have the strong, powerful bones of a 20 year old.

Feel free to enjoy the activities you love without fear of harming yourself, knowing your body can withstand the impact!

Gives Deep, Restorative Sleep

Research shows low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to problems with sleep, and sleep disorders.

But you can get rid of fragmented and restless sleep by boosting your vitamin D levels with D3 Shield, and finally wake up feeling rested... feeling like yourself again.

Uplifts and Boosts Your Mood

Serotonin and dopamine are our bodies natural “happy” chemicals. They help us feel pleasure, motivation, and importance.

Because Vitamin D3 helps regulate serotonin and dopamine production, it plays a big role in supporting a positive and happy mood.

Just think of how great it feels to get some sun on a comfortably warm spring day... then imagine having that upbeat outlook 365 days of the year by by taking two capsules of D3 Active - even in the dead cold of winter.

Supports Your Heart Health

Research has found that Vitamin D3 significantly reduces stress in the vascular system... acting as a shield to block rampaging free radicals.

Vitamin D3 also may be a powerful trigger for increased Nitric Oxide, which improves blood flow.

So when you combine the powerhouse K2 and D3, you can expect clean, unimpeded, healthy blood flow… and vibrant heart health to go along with it!

Provides Natural Relief From Aches And Discomfort

Did you know your bones can actually ache when they’re weak? Especially in the lower back, pelvis, hips, legs and ribs?!

Research has shown this may be because of a deficiency in Vitamin D and Calcium.

Thankfully, with the one-two punch of Vitamin D3 and K2 inside D3 Shield... you’ll have the building blocks necessary for strong, healthy bones.

Additional studies also point to people experiencing real relief from unnatural discomfort and excessive muscle pain once they restore their Vitamin D levels.

Improves Your Body’s Ability to Produce Natural Long-Lasting Energy

Sugar. Environmental Toxins. Metals. Pesticides. All can produce free radicals, which may cause damage to your mitochondria.

The mitochondria is the “powerplant” of your cells, responsible for your energy… so the more of them that you have running at full capacity, the more energy you’ll have!

Research has shown vitamin K2 acts as a powerful antioxidant, and prevents damage to your mitochondria. Other studies show Vitamin D also plays a big supporting role in energy production in mitochondria.

The Studies Are Clear –

You Want To Be Taking D3 And K2-MK7!

There’s been an explosion of research on Vitamin D3 and K2 recently, showing the many reasons to take the 2 Super Vitamins in D3 Active.

Here are what just a few of the studies say:

Vitamin D by age group

This study shows the percentage of women and men deficient in Vitamin D by age group. 22

When you add them up, you’ll see that at least 50% of people over 19 years old are Vitamin D deficient… could you be one of them?

In another study, the Vitamin D3/K2 complex administered increased the cells responsible for supporting strong, healthy bones (and they weren’t even using K2-7!).

Figure 1A shows the increase in inflammatory markers (red) associated with a vitamin D deficiency.23 Needless to say, that’s a bad thing!

Figure B shows the percentage of cell death in sick human bladder cells. 24

The more Vitamin K2 was administered, the more sick cells died - up to 50%. That’s a powerful boost in balanced immune system function!

This graph shows Vitamin K2-7 is incredibly bioavailable.

It’s not about what you put in your body - it’s about what you can absorb and use!

In this study25, participants took a complex which included Vitamin D3 and K2. The results were significantly increased bone density in neck, hip, and lumbar spine areas. 

The study also showed positive effects on inflammatory status and improved quality of life (especially related to sleep) for participants.

The bottom line is this:

You Should Take D3 Shield Daily.

Here’s The Best Way To Do It:

Many of our customers won’t go a day without their D3 Shield.

They know how important it is right now.

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Energy, deep sleep, mood, heart health, and natural pain and discomfort relief.

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Every American should be taking D3 Shield daily… for immediate immune support, yes…

…but also, for everything else important about your health:

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To your best health,

Dr. Mark Rosenberg

1. Ali Daneshkhah, Vasundhara Agrawal, Adam Eshein, Hariharan Subramanian, Hemant Kumar Roy, Vadim Backman. The Possible Role of Vitamin D in Suppressing Cytokine Storm and Associated Mortality in COVID-19 Patients. medRxiv, Posted April 30, 2020

2. Petre Cristian Ilie, Simina Stefanescu, Lee Smith et al. The role of Vitamin D in the prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 infection and mortality, 08 April 2020, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square