The Toxic Truth
About Fish Oil

Dr. Mark Rosenberg

Hi, it’s Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

If you take fish oil, please give me your full attention for the next few minutes.

My team has spent the last two months analyzing the most popular brands in the world.

Our conclusion?

Most fish oil isn’t worth its weight in pennies.

It’s cheap, under-dosed, and ineffective…

…especially if it’s a “store brand” or purchased from a big supercenter.

Some brands are even potentially toxic.

Now please, make no mistake – fish oil is one of the most important supplements you can take.

For your joints, your heart, your brain… there’s nothing out there quite like it.

That’s because fish oil is the best source of Omega 3’s in the world, and…

Omega 3’s Are Essential
To Your Health and Happiness

These little fatty acids serve so many functions in your body.

They’re like the Swiss Army Knife for your health… it’s impossible to put them into just one category.

  • Studies have found that high concentrations of omega-3’s can reduce feelings of depression.1
  • They’re used to create the myelin “insulation” that protects each and every neuron in the brain.2
  • They can lower your blood pressure.3
  • They can lower your triglyceride count… by as much as 30%!4
  • They’re great for your heart, slowing the development of plaque in the arteries.5
  • They can improve insulin resistance.6
  • They can reduce the amount of inflammatory cytokines that your body produces.7
  • Several studies link higher doses of omega 3, with decreased risk of dementia.8 9 10
  • High doses of omega 3’s can reduce fatty acid accumulation in the liver.11
  • Patients treated with omegas reported fewer joint aches.12
  • Studies have shown that both children and adults who supplement with omega 3’s have better, longer sleep.13
  • EPA omega 3’s have been shown to reduce acne and premature aging of the skin. In fact, EPA is great after sun exposure, as it helps to block the release of substances that eat away at your collagen.14 15
  • They can help your body produce more b-cells16, which are like factories for antibodies and other immunity cells.
  • Love smooth skin? EPA omegas can boost the repair of collagen and the overall dermal matrix.17

If Big Pharma tried to produce a pill with all of these benefits, people would say “it’s not possible.”

Yet every single one of these benefits has been extensively studied and documented from high-quality omega 3’s.

It’s simply miraculous that these molecules exist in nature.

So let’s make sure you’re taking the right fish oil.

Here are three things to look for:

Fish Oil Test 1:
From Fish, Or From Plants?

Often, low-quality “omega” capsules are full of borage, and flax oil.

So you get lots of cheap, ALA omegas… which, studies show, are simply not very effective.

Then these shady manufacturers add a tiny amount of real fish oil so that they can say the formula has the higher quality EPA and DHA omegas.

Flax Seeds

(And they hope that people don’t ask… or don’t care… what all these acronyms mean!)

Unfortunately, the ALA in flax and borage seed oil just doesn’t help. I’ve conducted tests in my clinic, to track the “healthy fats” in my patients’ bloodstream, and their response to various fish oil blends and I’ve never seen results from anything other than pure fish oils.

And for immune support, you need the DHA Omegas, which only real fish oil can provide

Sorry, vegans and vegetarians. I wish I had better news for you, but if you want to get more of the good EPA and DHA omegas, pure fish oil is the only game in town.

Fish Oil Test 2:
Omega-3 Concentration

When you’re looking at a fish oil label, check the amount of omega 3 you get in every serving (if they even list it).

The omega 3’s (and specifically, the EPA and DHA) are the big reason to take fish oil.

And unfortunately, they’re exactly where most producers profit from consumer ignorance.

You see, most of the fish oil you’ll find on Amazon or in Health Food stores has only about 30% DHA and EPA omega 3’s.

That’s not enough. You’d have to take 6-10 capsules of these capsules every day to get the clinical dose of omega 3’s.

And not only does that eliminate the “cost savings,” but it also means more junky oil in your body. Which leads me to the third test:

Fish Oil Test 3:
Kerosene, Or Rocket Fuel?

There are two types of fish oil:

Ethyl-Ester is the cheap form of Fish Oil… kind of like kerosene.

It’s easy to produce, but it changes the chemical composition of the natural oils, so it’s less bioavailable (in other words, more difficult for your body to absorb).

On the other hand, Triglyceride Fish oil is like highly refined rocket fuel.

In fact, it’s chemically identical to the oil that you find in the fish. That’s because there are several additional refinement steps in the manufacturing process, which add quite a bit of cost.

Can you guess which version most producers use?

Cheap Fish Oil

Yes, they’ve been pumping out Ethyl-Ester fish oil for years now. And not only is it less bioavailable, but it’s also prone to oxidation.

You know how an apple turns brown when you leave it out in the air? That’s oxidation. And that’s exactly how Ethyl-Ester fish oil becomes rancid.

I’m sure you can understand why I’ve been advising patients to avoid these low-quality, toxic fish oil scams.

But make no mistake…

Fish Oil Test 4:
Omega 3 To Omega 6 Ratio

Since you’re a Sun Coast Sciences customer, I know I can share a bit of science with you… and this science is important.

Our ancestors had a balanced ratio of omega 6, and omega 3 in their diet.

But these days, our foods are swimming in inflammatory omega 6’s. Almost any sort of vegetable oil (palm, canola, corn, soy, the list goes on)… which you’ll find in everything from restaurant food, to your favorite snacks… is basically awash in omega 6’s.

By some estimates, most modern Americans consume a full twenty times more omega 6, than omega 3.

That’s a big problem.

You see, there’s an “enzyme pathway” in your body that determines whether you produce inflammatory or anti-inflammatory proteins in response to the food you eat.

And when this enzyme pathway is overloaded with Omega 6’s, it becomes an inflammation-producing machine.

So you need to bring your Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio back into 1:1 the balance that nature intended.

That means that your enzyme pathway will stop producing inflammatory waste…

…and you’ll feel it, with more energy, greater mobility, sharper thinking, and fewer aches and pains.

Even better, you’ll know that you’re doing your body a tremendous favor for the years to come.

So please – if you see any Omega 6’s lurking in a fish oil supplement, it doesn’t belong in your body.

Here’s the sad truth: most fish oil on the market does not pass these tests.

Those that do typically cost $69 or more at retail.

That’s why my team and I are extremely proud to introduce you to…

OmegaVive: The Whole-Body SuperBoost

For years, I dreamed of creating the perfect Omega 3 fish oil supplement.

The problem is, high-quality fish oil is difficult to come by, and expensive to produce.

But thanks to the incredible, exciting growth of Sun Coast Sciences, our team finally has enough “purchasing power” to create my own blend, OmegaVive.

And make no mistake: this is the purest, highest-potency, most perfect fish oil that I know of.

It ticks off all the boxes, and then some. Specifically…

  • All of the omegas in OmegaVive come from pure fish oil. There’s no flax or borage seed oil to “cheapen it up.”
  • OmegaVive has 430mg of highly concentrated EPA, in every single capsule. You’d have to take 4-6 large capsules of most other Fish Oil blends to get the same amount!
  • Each capsule of OmegaVive has 800mg of total omega 3’s. That’s way more than most off-the-shelf brands.
  • The capsules are wrapped with a patented, ClearEnteric softgel, which is engineered to only break down inside your small intestine, where it can be maximally absorbed. That means up to 300% greater bioavailability.
  • I insisted that we use the highly purified triglyceride version of fish oil (the rocket fuel!), rather than the cheap Ester-Ethyl version (the kerosene). That way, you get the omegas exactly as nature intended, and you avoid the risk of rancid toxicity.

Judged only by the quality of its omega 3’s, OmegaVive stands heads and shoulders above other fish oil formulas. But I didn’t stop there, because I wanted to make sure that…

Gross Fish Burps Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Because OmegaVive is so highly concentrated, you don’t need nearly as much to get your daily dose.

lemon - lime extract

That means less fish oil sloshing around in your stomach and heading back up as foul gas!

Not only that, but my manufacturing partner spent over a year on the perfect “odor neutralizing” system, and finally discovered a natural lemon/lime extract that totally eliminates the fishy smell.

OmegaVive is so good that you could crack open a capsule, and enjoy it in a spoon.

So, if you burp at all, you’ll be reminded of fresh lemon trees... and not a dirty wharf.


OmegaVive Is The Cleanest Fish Oil That Exists

It wasn’t cheap or easy, but I found a supplier who is able to trace their fish right back to the pristine waters where they were caught.

This is the same company that supplies the pharmaceutical-grade fish oil used in laboratories and hospitals… and as such, they are held to the highest standards of purity.

That's why we elected to run the Totox Report on the fish oil in OmegaVive.

The Totox Report measures toxicity, and looks for pollutants and heavy metals.

And I’m happy to report that our fish oil came back with 1/10 of the acceptable amount of toxicity.

In other words, it’s far below the toxin numbers that are already considered safe.

That means no heavy metals, radiation, or impurities entering your body.

(and by the way, I’ve encouraged my patients to email their fish oil suppliers and ask about the Totox report. Most of these companies don’t dare run it… they’re terrified of what they’d find!)

And as if that all weren’t enough…

OmegaVive Is Stabilized With
High-Potency Antioxidants

Omega oils require small amounts of additives to keep them shelf-stable at room temperature.

So what do most manufacturers use?

“Mixed Tocopherols” – which are derived from soy. Not exactly healthy!

Instead, we stabilize OmegaVive with Rosemary, and Astaxanthin – two incredibly potent antioxidants.

That’s why every capsule has a slightly reddish tint – and it’s a reminder that we took every opportunity to produce the very best fish oil in the world.

The bottom line is this:

You Should Take OmegaVive Daily.
Here’s How To Get Started.

If you were to buy this formula at Whole Foods, it would be a top-shelf, $79 purchase.

And indeed, that’s what several members on our team thought we should charge for it.

But I wanted to celebrate this remarkable formula for this launch, and I insisted that we price it as low as possible (without losing money!)

So I’m extremely pleased that OmegaVive costs only $49.95 per bottle…

…and even less, if you choose the 3-bottle or 6-bottle packages.

That’s an instant savings of at least $30, but it’s only available through this website


Normally: $419.70


Save 53%


Normally: $209.85


Save 44%


Normally: $69.95


Save 29%

But please move fast, because…

This Offer Will Sell Out FAST

We won’t be selling OmegaVive publicly…

…but we have over 100,000 happy customers who receive our emails and new product launches.

Many of them will be reading this page right now.

Yet we only have 3000 bottles of OmegaVive in stock, and ready to ship.

Owing to the purity I demand in OmegaVive, I insist that this fish oil goes from the fish in the ocean… into your body… as quickly as possible.

So we do not place huge orders from our supplier.

Our supply chain is tightly controlled, and we only order what we know we can sell.

School of fish

Yes, it means that you get the freshest fish oil out there…

…but it also means that if the demand is high, we will run out.

Then it will be another 6-8 weeks before we’re back in stock.

So if you’re reading this page, and if there is an option to purchase, then please don’t hesitate to place your order now.


Normally: $419.70


Save 53%


Normally: $209.85


Save 44%


Normally: $69.95


Save 29%

Every Purchase Is Protected For One Year

As with all Sun Coast Sciences Products, your OmegaVive purchase includes an ironclad, 1-year guarantee.

If you don’t like it for any reason, simply send us a message, at, or call us, at 1-888-281-6816.

We’ll process your request quickly and respectfully, and all you need to do is send back the bottles (yes, even if you’ve ordered six bottles… and they’re all empty!)

So please go ahead and place your free OmegaVive order now.

Your package will be rushed out the door, and you’ll start reaping the benefits in just days.

OmegaVive is the most technologically advanced fish oil in the world.

And if your health is important to you, then it needs to be a part of your daily routine.

In fact, if every American was taking OmegaVive, we’d be a much healthier, happier country.

Our medical bills would shrink dramatically, and quality of life would improve for everyone.

So please – choose your package now. OmegaVive is health for the long term.

More comfortable joints.

A healthier heart.

Clearer, tighter skin.

Sharper thinking.

Healthier neurons.

Better sleep.

This is the advanced Omega 3 formula that truly delivers on the promises of fish oil.

I can’t wait for you to start your own regiment.

To the best days that lie ahead,
Dr. Mark Rosenberg


Normally: $419.70


Save 53%


Normally: $209.85


Save 44%


Normally: $69.95


Save 29%