Melissa's Story

Six Years Ago, Melissa’s Alzheimer’s Disease Was Rapidly Advancing.

She constantly forgot the names of her pets. 

She got lost driving the neighborhood she’d lived in for years. 

And she was unable to do the daily tasks necessary for her job, a dream career she’d held since her late 20’s.

She was terrified she’d die alone in a nursing home incapable of functioning… 

With every treasured memory of her life completely erased and gone...

Because that’s exactly how her mother passed a few years earlier.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case. Thanks to the brain health breakthroughs she learned about…

These Days? 

At 72 years old, Melissa enjoys laser-sharp focus… 

Incredibly clear thinking… 

Boundless energy… 

And her memory is better than it’s ever been. 

A quick sense of humor... fully intact memories... razor-sharp intelligence… All easily accessed without breaking a sweat.


Imagine having the amazing quality of life from a brain operating at 100% - no matter what the age.  

Worrying about losing your independence and personality? No more.

Forgotten names and faces? A thing of the past.

Brain fog? Completely vanished.

You won’t have to experience the embarrassment, shame, or helplessness of relying on others just to make it through the day…

Instead, you’ll have the brainpower and mental presence to THRIVE with dignity - well into old age. Just like Melissa.

Due to the environmental conditions and neuroinflammation we’ve talked about, your brain is literally being told to kill its own brain cells. 

But it’s also a few simple actions away from actually growing brand new brain cells.

Like taking the “brain rescue nutrient” we talked about yesterday.

Remember, the brain rescue nutrient we were talking about yesterday:

  • Helps protect each and every neuron in the brain
  • Supports your mood and motivation system
  • Reduces feelings of depression
  • Is linked to a decreased risk of dementia 
  • Supports Better longer sleep

And of course, helps protect against neuroinflammation.

This brain rescue nutrient is none other than…

Fish Oil! But There’s Only One Problem… 99% Of The Versions You’ll Find Are Toxic Waste Dump Scams!

This means if you’re already taking fish oil… There’s a good chance you’re wilfully ingesting heavy metals, dioxins, and other contaminants into your body.

Fish oil is a supplement I recommend EVERY American take daily. However, there are 3 fatal flaws that make commercial fish oil out there low-quality trash.

You see, the supplement industry is still the “wild west”—entirely unregulated.

Since the FDA doesn’t dish out penalties for subpar products, companies are free to cut corners to get their products out the door and into your hands as fast and as cheaply as possible.

Which means most consumers—through no fault of their own—end up popping pill after pill of refined garbage.

I can’t have that for you.

So I devised a simple three-part test you can use to identify these fish oil scams…

Quality Question #1: Does the product contain pure fish oil? Or does it include plant extracts?

Low-quality “omega” capsules often contain flax oil and borage full of alpha-linolenic acids (ALA) from plants.

Studies have shown that ALAs are inferior to the eicosapentaenoic acids (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA) found in pure fish oil.

Shady manufacturers add tiny amounts of real fish oil so they can legally slap “EPA/DHA” on the label and trick you into buying a mish-mash of oil that doesn’t improve your health—and burns a hole in your wallet. 

Quality Question #2: How concentrated is the omega-3?

THIS is where most companies profit off your ignorance.

Most of the fish oil you can buy off Amazon or in the grocery store carries about 20 to 30% LESS than the claimed amounts of omega-3 fatty acids on the label.

You’d have to take six to ten capsules every day to get the clinical dose of omega-3s required to balance your essential fatty acid (EFA) ratio.

Buh-bye “cost savings.”

Quality Question #3: What form is the fish oil: ethyl-ester or triglyceride?

Ethyl-ester is the cheap form of fish oil—easy to produce but less bioavailable, meaning your body has a harder time absorbing the oil.

Triglyceride fish oil is the good stuff—highly refined rocket fuel that is chemically identical to natural fish oil.

Can you guess which form most commercial fish oil producers choose to use?

Triglyceride fish oil requires additional refinement, which adds more cost to the manufacturing process. Most producers will opt for the cheaper ethyl-ester so they can line their pockets at your expense.

Even worse, ethyl-ester fish oil is prone to oxidation—the same process that causes apples to brown and nails to rust—which turns fish oil rancid.

When I run most commercial fish oil products through this three-part test, I’m appalled at what I find. 

So after months of painstaking research and development, I’ve developed the answer to this fish oil dilemma…

Image of OmegaVive

OmegaVive is the purest, most potent, pristine fish oil I’ve found that supports stopping mental decline, giving you the brainpower and mental presence to THRIVE.

Say goodbye to brain fog, low energy, and moodiness…

And instead say hello to a second chance at health, youth, and life.

After all these months of work and development, you’ll finally be able to get your hands on OmegaVive starting TOMORROW...

Pure, pristine fish oil that meets my rigorous standards is nearly impossible to come by. 

Though it used to cost $99.97 for this prescription-worthy fish oil…

By working directly with our suppliers, we’ve been able to optimize every step of our pipeline and we’ve landed on a retail price far lower than $99.97.

And to celebrate the release of OmegaVive, we’re proud to give you the opportunity to save upwards of $40 per bottle - especially if you buy 3 or 6 bottles like many Sun Coast Sciences customers do.

The catch is, we only have 480 bottles available.

In order to maintain the high quality and purity of our fish oil, we do not place large orders.

Yes, it means that tomorrow you can get one of the most potent brain health supporting compounds in the world…

… but it also means that if the demand is high, we run out (it’s happened before… three times!).

Then it’s another 6-8 weeks before we’re back in stock.

When it comes to facing mental decline, every single day counts.

So I recommend setting a reminder in your phone for 9AM ET — that’s when we’ll send you the email containing the link to secure your bottles of OmegaVive - the world’s cleanest, most powerful fish oil solution you’ll ever find, guaranteed to support your brain health like no other fish oil supplement you’ll find.

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