When Dr. Rosenberg founded Sun Coast Sciences, he had one goal in mind:


To create effective, clinically-dosed formulas using only the highest-quality ingredients on earth, regardless of the cost.


After years of research and hearing stories from his patients, he realized that most supplement companies were using cheap, low-quality ingredients and stuffing their products with fillers to save a buck.


And if Dr. Rosenberg wouldn’t risk his own health by taking these questionably-sourced formulas, he knew there was no way he could ethically recommend them to his patients… and so Sun Coast Sciences was born.


But unfortunately, quality comes at a cost.


And as I’m sure you’ve heard whispers of, thanks to surging global inflation and a turbulent economy, production and ingredient costs are sky-high.


In light of these changes, Dr. Rosenberg has been faced with two choices…


He could lie to you and the entire Sun Coast Sciences family by switching to cheap, potentially-dangerous ingredients without saying a word…


Or continue using high-quality ingredients, in spite of the cost.


Since your health is our number one priority, Dr. Rosenberg didn’t even consider making changes to his ingredient philosophy.


However, in order to continue providing clinically dosed, proven, and effective health formulas, some changes do have to be made…


As of January 1, 2023 our clinical-grade, high-purity omega-3 formula, OmegaVive, will contain 60 softgel capsules per bottle, instead of 90.  


With the cost of sustainably-sourced fish oil and production spiking, Sun Coast Sciences couldn’t continue producing OmegaVive if not for this change.


Rather than making the numbers work at the cost of quality, he made the tough call to reduce quantities, but maintain Sun Coast Science’s top-tier quality.


So you’ll still receive the highest-potency, purest omega-3 formula available on the market, and you’ll still only be paying the same price per bottle.


And each bottle will still provide plenty of OmegaVive for an entire month, by reducing your serving size from three capsules per day to two.


Best of all, thanks to how powerful our OmegaVive formula is, you’ll still reap all the health benefits you know and love, such as:

- Rejuvenated, youthful, soft and glowing skin…

- Providing a stout defense against harsh UV damage and photoaging…

- Improved and supported cardiovascular, hair, skin, nail, and eye health…


The reason these results are still possible at a lower dose is because OmegaVive is molecularly structured as a triglyceride—which offers up to 70% greater ingredient bioavailability than cheap ester-ethyl fish oils.

In other words, taking two capsules of OmegaVive is the same as taking three capsules from a fish oil you’d find in stores.


So even though we’ve been forced to contract our serving sizes, you’ll still be reaping all the benefits of using pristine, sustainably-sourced omega-3s.


Let this be proof that Sun Coast Sciences will never stray from our founding principles—formulating only the most effective, pure formulas for Dr. Rosenberg’s patients and all of our customers around the country.


Thank you for your support!

To your health!
Amy from the Customer Happiness TeamSun Coast Sciences