Why you feel older than your actual age

Every day, patients are walking through my door complaining that they feel DECADES older than they really are.

Suffering from complete exhaustion… stiff, achy joints… foggy brain and uncontrollable mood swings...

I used to ONLY see these “normal” aging symptoms in my patients who were in their seventies and eighties…

But now, even patients in their thirties and forties are suffering from age-related aches, pains, and fatigue!

Most doctors would tell these patients to get more sleep, drink more water, or start taking (potentially harmful) prescription medications. But none of these “remedies” address the root cause...

I’ve found that the REAL reason you may be feeling decades older is due to “neuroinflammation.”

You see, your body is flooded by environmental toxins every day.

When your self-defense system senses an invader, it sends a “code red” signal throughout your body, calling up an army of cytokines—tiny biological scavengers that destroy foreign toxins, chemicals, and bacteria.

Unfortunately, the daily toxin exposure from plastic, chemicals, tap water, and even the air around you has summoned way too many cytokines inside your body, saturating your joints and brain.

This biological overreaction creates neuroinflammation, causing stiff, achy joints, chronic pain, and severely reduced mental function.

Even worse, chronic neuroinflammation can increase your risk of developing serious conditions like heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s.

But I have good news for you:

After years of research, I’ve discovered a way to put an end to early aging and fight back against chronic neuroinflammation.

I’ve created the best anti-inflammation formula I know of. It’s so effective that I personally use it every single day: BioShield MD.

BioShield MD is LOADED with potent antioxidants, age-reversing polyphenols, and natural, anti-inflammatory herbs that tackle inflammation and signs of early aging.

Now, BioShield MD is extremely powerful when it comes to cooling the flames of inflammation… but you need to use it correctly.

Skipping doses, and taking BioShield MD only when you occasionally remember simply won’t work. Your body is under siege daily, so it’s best to take BioShield MD every morning.

And when you use it daily… all those age-related pains and unpleasant symptoms will vanish before your eyes.

Fight back against chronic inflammation once and for all.

To your health,

Dr. Mark Rosenberg