3 Social Media Skincare Trends to Avoid

3 Social Media Skincare Trends to Avoid

Social media can be great for finding out about new beauty tips.

But it can also spread dangerous homemade beauty hacks that are hazardous to our skin.

Here are three popular social media beauty trends to avoid:

1. Skin Drying Detox Treatments



Detoxifying skincare treatments are all the rage these days: Clay masks, charcoal, you name it.

And no wonder - We're all looking for that radiant, fresh-faced glow from cleaner skin.

But did you know that many detoxifying products might be doing more harm than good?

Here’s why…

In order to absorb impurities, clay masks, charcoal and other detox products also strip your skin of its natural oils.

This can lead to dryness, inflammation, and - worst of all - accelerated aging.

So if your skin feels tight or irritated after your detox routine, you should switch to gentler detox products or cut out the detox routine all together.

One homemade treatment, in particular, to avoid is a “lemon water detox”.

This is a fasting method that involves drinking only a mixture of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for several days.

Some people say it helps flush out toxins, improves skin, and even boosts mood and energy.

But it can also cause severe dehydration, fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

Remember, your body craves hydration. Not a harsh detox routine that dries it out.

2. The TikTok “Sunscreen Contouring” Trend That Risks Giving You Sunburn



Have you heard about “sunscreen contouring”?

It sounds cool, right?

Just apply sunscreen where you'd like to contour the skin, and voilà…

A sun-kissed glow without makeup!

But before you hop on this social media tanning trend, there’s a few things you should know...

First, remember what sunscreen's for: To protect your skin from those pesky, skin-damaging UV rays.

By skipping sunscreen on certain parts of your face, you're leaving your skin vulnerable to the sun's harsh rays.

At best, this can result in red patches, early aging signs and hyperpigmentation.

At worst, it can increase your risk of skin cancer.


Second, the idea that sunscreen can create a permanent contour is, well, a bit of a stretch.

Any tan you might get will fade.

But the damage?

That sticks around, and it's not a good look.

So, what should you do instead?

Stick with contouring the old-fashioned way—with makeup!

And if you're after a summer glow, there are heaps of great bronzers and contouring products that help you achieve that sunkissed look.

No UV damage required!

3. Saving Money On At-Home Botox Kits And Lip Fillers Is Not Worth The Risk



Let's dive into a trend that's not only risky but downright scary—DIY Botox and lip fillers.

With all the pouty selfies and age-defying skin flooding our social feeds, it's tempting to chase the youthful look at any cost.

But at-home Botox kits and lip fillers?

Let's stop right there.

First off, did you know that these kits are illegal?

Yep, you read that right.

Not only are they unregulated, but they could also be contaminated or even expired.

And do you really want to inject things into your face based on something you read or saw on the internet?

Aside from the risk of injecting some nasty stuff into your skin, there's a whole heap of complications that can arise.

We're talking nerve damage, infection, allergic reactions, and deformities.

One wrong move and you could end up with a lopsided smile… or, even worse, in the emergency room.

Not exactly the beauty hack you were hoping for!

Bottom line…

Risking your health for a plumper pout or fewer wrinkles just isn't worth it.

Qualified practitioners undergo extensive training to safely perform Botox injections and other procedures.

They understand facial anatomy, sterile techniques, and how to handle complications.

So if you're considering home based Botox or fillers - or any kind of beauty hack you see on the internet - spend the little extra to get it done safely.


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