4 Science Backed Tips For Younger-Looking Eyes

4 Science Backed Tips For Younger-Looking Eyes

They say your eyes are a window into the soul.

But at some point, your soul-windows start to show visible signs of aging.

Whether you’re dealing with crow's feet, wrinkles, or dark circles, you want to find a way to keep your eyes from looking tired, wrinkly and dull.

So here are 4 tips for achieving youthful looking eyes at any age:

Young Eye Tip #1. Apply eye serum morning and night

The first place to show fatigue and age on your face is often around the eyes. Fine wrinkles and crow's feet can make you look older than you are, and seem tired even when you've had a good night's sleep.

Eye serum is a great way to combat these signs of aging, but morning and evening use is essential if you want to enjoy the best possible results.

In the morning, eye serum helps refresh and revive tired-looking eyes. At night, it helps repair the damage done by sunlight and pollution exposure.

Applied regularly, eye serum can help you reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and crow's feet, giving your eyes a more youthful appearance.

Young Eye Tip #2. Keep your phone out of the bedroom

If you want to rejuvenate your eyes, remove your phone from the bedroom.

Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from screens disrupts the body's natural sleep cycle and leads to poor sleep quality1.

Scrolling your phone in bed also causes dark circles, puffy eyes, and dull-looking skin in the morning and throughout the day.

To get the best night's sleep, keep your phone out of reach and out of sight. You'll wake up feeling well-rested, and with refreshed, sparkling eyes.

Young Eye Tip #3. Give yourself a facial massage

Giving yourself a facial massage is a great way of improving circulation and the overall elasticity of your skin.

By massaging your face, you increase blood flow which helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. On top of that, facial massage can help to firm up skin and improve your overall tone.

To give yourself a facial massage, start by applying a light oil (rosehip or coconut oil), or serum to your face. Then, using your fingertips, gently massage your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin in a circular motion.

Be sure to avoid any areas that are particularly sensitive or prone to breakouts. After a few minutes, you should notice the skin around your eyes looking and feeling more radiant.

Give yourself a facial massage once or twice a week for best results.

Young Eye Tip #4. Include skin supplements in your regimen

Skin supplements are designed to nourish and revitalize tired, dull skin—often containing ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, which help promote skin health.

Collagen is a protein that helps plump and firm the skin, while hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. These ingredients can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your eyes a young and striking look.

Be sure to choose a product that contains high-quality ingredients for best results. At Sun Coast Science we only use the purest and cleanest ingredients in our formulas. So you can rest assured that you're getting high purity ingredients that are safe for your skin.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to live with tired, puffy eyes or dark circles that make you look older than you feel.

There are simple things you can do every day to make the skin around your eyes look younger. And if you want to take it a step further, Sun Coast Science provides products that help plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

To your health!
Dr. Mark Rosenberg


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