Ask Me Anything June Edition - Why Stomach Issues Have Skyrocketed, How to Avoid Poor Sleep Aging Your Brain, and the #1 Vitamin for Sensational Summer Skin

Each month we pose questions from the Sun Coast Community to our resident health and skincare expert, Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

In this June edition of 'Ask Me Anything', Dr. Rosenberg exposes the troubling reason why cases of digestion “blockages” have skyrocketed 900%...

How to avoid poor sleep aging your brain...

And the #1 vitamin for sensational summer skin.

Question 1: "I heard lots of people are suffering from digestion disorders. Is it because of the celebrity weight loss solution?”

Over the last 18 months, the popularity of the celebrity weight loss aid has exploded.

Many politicians and mainstream doctors hope it will be a magic bullet for America’s ever expanding waistline.

And it’s true that lots of people HAVE lost a lot of weight… many without any reported side effects.

In fact, the coverage has been so glowing, some experts are calling for these weight loss aids to be given to children as young as 5, to stop their weight problems even starting.

Well, here’s why that’s a TERRIBLE idea…

Because cases of digestive issues and gut “blockages” have skyrocketed a staggering 900%.

Why has this happened?

Well, the reason has yet to be officially announced.

But one of the ways the celebrity weight loss aid works is to PARALYZE your digestive system. 

Sure, this slows your digestion down… which then helps you feel fuller quicker, and less likely to overeat.

But “paralyzing” your digestive system sure doesn’t sound healthy. 

And it’s not. 

Because along with causing food to sit rotting in your stomach…

It’s caused an uptick in people suffering from “blockages” in their bowels and pancreas.

These blockages often don’t clear themselves on their own. Which means expensive, risky surgery.

My advice: Steer clear of the celebrity weight loss aid.

Instead, focus on eating more protein rich foods that fill you up quicker, and go for daily 30 minute walks to manage your weight in a safe, sustainable way.

But if you’re still struggling with cravings and snacking, try drinking Shake It Away at breakfast.

Shake It Away is a delicious breakfast smoothie that takes less than 60 seconds to prepare. And it helps improve your digestion while also keeping cravings at bay. 

So you can slim down without nausea, “paralyzing” your digestion, or the misery of “diets”.

Find out more about Shake It Away

Question 2: "I've been struggling with poor sleep for weeks. And I’ve been losing things, mixing up people’s names, and getting brain freezes more. Are the two linked?”

Unfortunately, the simple answer is “yes”.

A lack of sleep doesn't just deprive your brain of energy…

But it also causes a buildup of aging toxins.

This is because when you’re asleep, your brain has a cleansing system that kicks into action.

It’s called the “glymphatic system”. And it’s like a network of tiny sprinklers that rinse your brain while you’re asleep, flushing out toxins.

But for the “glymphatic system” to work, your brain has to be in a deep sleep.

Otherwise toxins, bits of plaque, and other debris don’t get cleared away.

In fact, studies show that just one night of poor sleep can impair your memory and reaction time as badly as drinking a bottle of wine.

And over time, sleep deprivation can accelerate how fast your brain ages, increase your risk of severe memory loss, and worsen age-related brain decline.

So to protect your memory, and keep your brain sharp, it’s crucial to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. 

Create a relaxing bedtime routine, avoid screens an hour before bed, and keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet.

But if those things don’t work, give BioLuna a try.

BioLuna is specially formulated to calm two “sleep blocker” chemicals that can keep your mind racing and your body tight.

But once these “sleep blockers” are calmed down, you can sleep like a log, awake bursting with energy, and enjoy a positive mood - all with ZERO grogginess.

Find out more about BioLuna

Question 3: "I love spending time outdoors in the summer, but I'm worried about wrinkles and sun damage. What can I do to keep my skin hydrated, smooth, and healthy?"

It’s wonderful to spend more time outdoors in the warm summer months.

But too much sun can lead to more wrinkles, age spots, and accelerated skin aging.

Thankfully there’s a vitamin that can work wonders for your skin in summer: Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your skin from UV damage and stimulates collagen production… both of which help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin C’s skin benefits are best achieved when it’s applied as a topical cream. 

So I recommend combining an anti-aging serum with a high concentration of vitamin C with a broad-spectrum sunblock.

The best serum I recommend?

Total Package Serum.

Total Package Serum contains vitamin C, along with four more anti aging ingredients, for smoothing, firming, clarifying and adding moisture to your face…

Making Total Package Serum perfect as a base layer before applying sunblock, to keep your skin hydrated, and wrinkle free all summer long.

Find out more about Total Package Serum.

Have Any Health or Beauty Questions Of Your Own?

That wraps up another edition of ‘Ask Me Anything’.

As always, if you have any burning questions about health, beauty, longevity or anything you think Dr. Rosenberg could help with…

Please send us an email and we’ll let him know!

Dr. Rosenberg loves reading your questions and sharing his answers each month.

There are only so many patients he can see in his clinic.

But through this blog he can reach millions…

And help even more people on their path to feeling and looking their best at any age.


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