Discover How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Help You Resist (And Possibly Reverse) Aging Symptoms

Discover How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Help You Resist (And Possibly Reverse) Aging Symptoms

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most healthful, natural nutrients available that can assist you in erasing years of aging from your body.

Omegas can support an improved mood and healthy blood lipid profile…

They’ll assist in eliminating brain fog and sharpening your mental acuity…

And they’ll save your skin too by helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from your face and neck.

As an anti-aging specialist, I recommend omega-3 fatty acids to my patients every single day, and I’ve been using them myself for over 15 years.

Now, you’ve probably heard the term “omegas” tossed around before, but you may not realize why they’re so important, or exactly what they do.

So I’ve prepared this health bulletin to explain exactly:

→ How omega-3s can help fight back against the visible signs of aging
→ How to best take advantage of omega-3’s health benefits
→ What to look for in choosing a high-quality omega supplement

In fact, I believe omega-3s may be the most important nutrient to consume every day as they’re like the “swiss army knife” of nutrients, working to improve nearly every aspect of your health. 


So if you want to look AND feel decades younger than your biological age, omega-3 fatty acids should be a staple in your diet year-round.

While omega-3s are naturally found in foods like wild-caught fish, avocados, and walnuts—the easiest, most reliable way of adding omegas into your diet is through a high–potency fish oil supplement.

Reason being, natural foods simply don’t provide omega-3’s in meaningful quantities unless you’re eating wild-caught salmon or a handful of avocados every single day.

But before you go and buy the first fish oil supplement you see at your local drugstore, there are a few things you need to know to look for:

First, the American Heart Association recommends consuming at least 1g of DHA and EPA, which are the two major omega-3 fatty acids6.

So when you’re shopping, check the label on any fish oil you’re considering to ensure there’s a high ratio of DHA and EPA.

Unfortunately, many drugstore supplements are underdosed, and you may need to take 6-8 capsules or more to reach the recommended 1.1 grams of DHA and EPA… Even if the brand claims a single serving is only 2 capsules.

The bottle may say that you’ll get 30 days worth, but if the product is underdosed, you may find yourself running out in only a week or two.

Second, be careful with which brand you choose, as many manufacturers use cheap, contaminated sources of fish oil.

A reputable brand will only use sustainably-sourced, pure fish oil, not a cheap, heavy-metal contaminated source.

I know this story well, because when I was formulating Sun Coast Science’s own omega-3 formula, I searched for years before finding a clean source I could trust…

As most major fish oil suppliers were failing independent lab tests, showing impure fish oils.

If a brand isn’t clear about their ingredient source, they don’t want you to know or they don’t know themselves… Neither of which are good.

A reputable brand has nothing to hide, but many common brands you see at your local health store are contaminated and underdosed.

Once you find a brand you trust, be sure to take your daily dose, then sit back and wait! You’ll be feeling and looking years younger in no time.

To your health,
Dr. Rosenberg, Sun Coast Sciences


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