Four Harmful “Spring Myths” You Should Avoid To Stay Healthy This Season

Four Harmful “Spring Myths” You Should Avoid To Stay Healthy This Season
Each season brings its own flavor of health concerns.

And with each concern comes advice—good and bad—intended to help overcome whatever problem may arise.

Trouble is, in many cases, the advice that gets passed around is little more than myth…

Myths whose advice should NOT be heeded.

While they may seem harmless in many cases…

The real problem with subscribing to myths is that when we follow false facts, we’re prevented from getting the real, effective treatment we need.

So to help you stay safe, healthy, and energized this Spring, let’s put 4 of the most “famous” Springtime myths to bed:

It's no secret that the spring season is a popular time for colds and the flu.

There’s a common belief that you can get sick from going outside in the rain.

But as it turns out, there’s absolutely no evidence that catching a cold is directly caused by exposure to rain.

According to Stephen Morse1, PhD, a professor of epidemiology and an infectious disease expert at Columbia University:

“Getting wet and chilled is also associated with colder months, so the correlation was obvious, and people tend to notice the times they got wet and did get sick, not the times they didn’t. But as we say in epidemiology, correlation is not necessarily causation.”

Although colds are generally correlated with lower temperatures, there's no evidence to suggest that the rain can give you a cold.

So the next time you're headed out into the rain, you can go with peace of mind knowing that you won't catch a cold because of it.

All those self-tanning products claiming that “building a base tan” will protect you from the sun are LYING!

On the contrary, chilling out in tanning beds means putting yourself at risk for premature aging and worse—skin cancer.2

There are only three ways you can protect yourself from the sun:
  1. Seek shade.
  2. Wear protective clothing.
  3. Use a high-quality sunscreen with 30+ SPF (and reapply frequently).

Many people think it's normal for kids to have allergies, but not adults.

But as it turns out, allergies aren’t just for kids, and you can develop them at any age (even if you’ve never had them before).

How can this happen?

The first thing to understand is that whether or not you’re allergic to something depends heavily on your immune system.

Allergies are an immune reaction to pollen, mold, and similar particles.

And allergies can develop when your body detects a substance it doesn’t like, and begins producing antibodies to get rid of that irritant.

An allergy can even appear after you've been exposed to a substance for many years before you develop obvious symptoms like sneezing or a runny nose.

That's why an allergic reaction can seem to come out of nowhere, and often includes symptoms like hives, itchy eyes, and difficulty breathing.

If you have an allergic reaction to anything at this time of year, you can take prescription medicine to help lessen your symptoms. But the best way to stop an allergic reaction is to avoid the substance that causes it in the first place.

What many people don't realize is that you can get sick at any time of year—even in the Spring.

So how exactly do you defend yourself against this virus?

Well, the best way to avoid catching the flu is to get the yearly flu shot, which can help protect you against all three seasonal strains of influenza.

But even if you aren’t vaccinated, there are still things you can do to prevent yourself from coming down with the flu, such as:
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Keep surfaces clean by wiping them often
  • Practice stress reduction
If any of these Spring myths rang true for you previously, I’m glad I could debunk them for you.

Your Spring just got a whole lot safer, healthier, and more fun!


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