The REAL Reason CV-19 Can Be So Devastating To Your Health

The REAL Reason CV-19 Can Be So Devastating To Your Health
The entire world has been affected by the CV-19 pandemic, and we’re not out of the woods yet if the reports coming out are anything to go by.

While most people will have only mild symptoms, there are millions who have had severe, even fatal, side effects from this virus.

There’s a common misconception that the virus wreaks havoc on your lungs, respiratory system, and body…

But those side effects and complications are a result of your own immune system attacking the virus and destroying healthy tissue in the process.

That’s right—your body’s self-defense system can be TOO strong, and turn against you.

When your body senses a threat, you start producing cytokines. Cytokines are little proteins that act as your body’s special task force, seeking out and destroying bacteria, viruses, and other nasty toxins that find their way into your body.

With a virus like CV-19 , your body senses the new threat and often produces way more cytokines than is necessary...

This can lead to a “cytokine storm,” which is when your immune system aggressively destroys everything in its path… including healthy tissue!

Your lungs are among the most vulnerable tissues, as the coronavirus enters through receptors in the lungs, so most cytokine activity is targeted at these same receptors.

These defense proteins also gather around your joints, causing inflamed, aching, and stiff joints throughout your entire body.

In fact, several studies have suggested that the cytokine storm increases the risk of permanent lung injury, severe Covid symptoms, and even organ failure¹.

The best thing you can do is support a balanced immune system year-round… Please don’t wait until you’re sick.

The goal isn’t to shut down your immune system, but to support the right amount of cytokine activity—not too much, but also not too little.

Building habits that support a healthy immune system will go a long way towards supporting year-round health, and not just fending off Covid-related side effects. Covid may be among the worst triggers of cytokine storms, but our modern society exposes us to environmental toxins every day.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is the first step to giving your body the nutrients you need, so focus on taking in plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Supplements containing the right high-quality ingredients can also support a balanced immune response, like the carefully selected ingredients in BioShield MD.

Lack of sleep and chronic stress wreak havoc on your body and create a sluggish immune system, so make sure you’re staying rested and relaxed. Find relaxing activities you enjoy, like reading, meditation, and walking outdoors to keep stress at bay.

Regular exercise is also a potent immune-system booster, and a powerful way to manage stress and keep your body running in peak condition.

Focus on healthy habits, keep your immune system balanced, and you’ll give your body the best chance at fighting off any illness with minimal side effects.


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