Two Terrible Causes of Premature Aging And Insufferable Brain Fog

Two Terrible Causes of Premature Aging And Insufferable Brain Fog

There are two natural processes that take place inside your body every day.

Many of my patients think the holiday stress, dry winter air, or darker evenings cause these symptoms. In reality, they impact you year-round.

The worst part? Most doctors and so-called health “experts” never talk about these problems. When I mention these age-accelerating processes to my patients, they're shocked.

I'm talking about...

Glycation and Oxidation

With the Christmas season in full swing, I’d bet there’s more sugar than usual in your home and workplace.

So imagine dipping a rubber band in fast-drying superglue: The rubber band will harden, becoming brittle—which is what happens when sugar binds to the inner layers of your skin.

Your skin’s support structures become fragile, eventually collapsing. When this happens, you experience deepening wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine cobweb-like lines.

Glycation also produces “advanced-glycation end products”, or AGEs.

AGEs flock to your brain, where they clutter up your neural pathways, triggering insufferable brain fog and ruining your ability to think clearly.

(Free radicals are molecules that damage healthy tissue throughout your body—created by stress, pollution, smoking, x-ray exposure, alcohol, plus the chemicals and plastics in our food, water, and air.)

In other words…

If you’re eating a diet high in carbs and live in a populated area, glycation and oxidation are being triggered every single day.

To be blunt, if you don’t do something to stop these processes, you’re going to look and feel years, if not decades older than you really are.

So if you want to eradicate brain fog, restore a youthful body, enjoy razor-sharp mental clarity, and feel like you’ve turned back the clock…

Your first step is to address glycation and oxidation.

Avoiding these processes is impossible, especially during the Christmas season. But you can slow them down.

When you do, you’ll be getting a head start on everyone waiting until January to address their health.

Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you.

To your health!
Dr. Mark Rosenberg


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