Improve Your Digestion to Enjoy a Slimmer Waist in Weeks

Improve Your Digestion to Enjoy a Slimmer Waist in Weeks

It happens to all of us.

As we get older one of the things that weakens is our digestion.

And as our digestion gets weaker, it doesn't just cause bloating, stomach cramps and constipation…

It also makes it harder to lose weight.

The reason our digestion gets weaker is due to one key factor: A lack of digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are proteins made by our body

They act like a “wrecking crew” that breaks down food into smaller molecules.

These molecules can then be absorbed by your body, and used for energy, growth, and other essential functions.

But like many things, your body makes fewer digestive enzymes as you get older.

Which makes it harder to turn food into energy. So more undigested particles get stored as fat instead.

But that’s not all…

When your stomach can’t break down food properly, it causes other health problems too… such as low energy, weaker muscles, brain fog and a lousy mood.

The good news is there’s an easy solution…

Eat Foods Packed with Digestive Enzymes

There are lots of digestive enzyme-rich foods you can add to your diet to improve digestion.

Here are the superstars we recommend:

Pineapple: This delicious fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain that helps break down proteins.

Papaya: This beautiful fruit is full of papain, an enzyme that also helps break down proteins. Plus, it's packed with vitamin C to keep the immune system strong.

Kiwi: These small but mighty fruits have an enzyme called actinidin that helps break down proteins.

Avocado: Not only is avocado toast all the rage, but avocados also contain an enzyme called lipase that helps break down fats. Making avocado toast a nutritious, weight loss snack!

Ginger: This zesty root contains zingibain, an enzyme that helps break down proteins and can even soothe an upset stomach.

So, if you're struggling with cramps, bloating and find it impossible to lose weight, try adding these enzyme-rich foods to your diet.

Another option is our Shake It Away “stomach shrinking shake”.

Shake It Away takes less than one minute to prepare.

And it nourishes your stomach with a huge dose of digestive enzymes, for a happier tummy and a slimmer waist.

But whichever option you choose…

There may not be much you can do about your body making fewer digestive enzymes as you get older.

But what you CAN do is nourish your stomach with more “wrecking crew” proteins instead. 

And keep your digestion in tip-top shape.

So you can enjoy an energetic, slim and healthy body at any age.


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